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Hi, I’m Randy Mosier with N-Gage Coaching Solutions; a professional who is here to help you become the person and leader you were created to be. As an ICF Certified Coach, I have been helping my clients since September 2017, achieve goals, move past assumptions, and explore brave new ideas, by establishing goals to achieve their dreams.

Over the past three years I have served teams as an internal coach enabling teams to perform at a higher level of productivity. In 2022 I helped a Data + Analytics Team increase production by a margin of 40%. Imagine what we can do together. 

In March 2023 I became a Certified Working Genius Facilitator

“The Working Genius is Patrick Lencioni’s newest teamwork model, which helps people understand how they can contribute to work most effectively. This tool can help individuals, leaders and teams better leverage one another’s strengths and understand how to be both productive and fulfilled at work.”

This model is helping bring individuals and teams greater success and fulfillment through:

  • Leadership Development and Coaching

  • Team cohesion and productivity

  • Creating a common language for teams 

  • Creating clarity around stages of work

"Show me your habits, and I'll show you your future."

Let's explore new ways to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. 

Let's explore how utilizing the Working Genius Assessment and Coaching will amplify your joy and fulfillment at work. 

The Working Genius is 20% personality and 80% productivity. 

Using this model I am seeing immediate results for leaders and teams. 

Together we can help you achieve your dreams. 


Contact me today and schedule your free intake session. 

That's right - the first session is free! 

We both need to agree that I am the person to help you get your goals and habits in line with your dreams. 

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“Randy is an empathetic coach that leans into the process and works with your team to help them not only participate in the Working Genius Workshop, but also helps you understand and apply it. He is thought provoking and thorough with his work. I'd highly recommend Rand for your next team building exercise"

Dave Appel, VP of Product, Skullcandy

Team Coaching

Developing healthy teams is critical to any organization. Utilizing tools such as The Ideal Team Player, the Working Genius, and 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, we drill down into the composition of teams to help them become connected high-performance teams. 

Are you looking to create a team that understands where they gain joy and energy at work? Looking for a way to break free from dysfunction to gain clarity on how to become an impactful healthy team?


 Let's talk. 

Life Coaching

As a coach, I have found that when we have a greater understanding of ourselves, how we gain joy and energy in work and life. It's here that we have the capacity to excel. 

If you struggle with self-doubt, have feelings of guilt and shame. It's possible that you have yet to understand how you are uniquely created. 

With over 27 years of experience in mental health, over 5 years of coaching, and having been impacted by the loss of key relationships and company restructuring; I have tools that can help you create breakthrough moments. 

"Coaching is a relationship with a purpose, focused on facilitating change." Are you ready for your life to change and to experience the wonder of the present? Let's explore the wonder of who you are together. 

Leadership & Career Coaching

Leadership offers many complex challenges for today's professionals. With over 30 years of experience in leadership positions, a background in mental health, ministry, and corporate pressures. I am leveraged uniquely to walk you through assessments that will help you leverage your strengths and challenge you toward personal and professional growth.  

If you are really ready for a change give me a call. Just know that I will push you into the zone of discomfort. I do this because we need to reach a space where there is a perfect balance of tension with stretch goals to truly live impactful lives.  

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John Witmore

"Coaching is unlocking a persons potential to maximize their growth"


Want to hear more about how I can transform your life? Contact me today for additional information on how I can help you or your team.


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Randy Mosier, Life Coach
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