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Working Genius Facilitator 

My name is Randy D Mosier

I am a ICF - ACC Life Coach and Certified Working Genius Facilitator

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"The Working GeniusTM is not just another personality tool. It's 80% productivity, 20% personality. It's all about what gives you joy and fulfillment at work and how working inside our working geniuses as a team increases productivity and moral." 

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Discover Your Gifts Working Genius
The Six Types of Working GeniusTM

Patric Lencioni's firm, The Table Group, personally trained and certified me to deliver workshops based on this new model that can supercharge teams productivity and energy. It is profound in its simplicity, easy to remember, and easy to apply immediately after just one 2 or 4 hour workshop. 

The Six Working GeniusesTM are Wonder, Invention, Discernment, Galvanizing, Enablement, and Tenacity. The Table Group's research reveals that we each have two Geniuses as our natural talents (gifts), two Working Competencies (work we are good at but not energizing) and two Working Frustrations (work that can burn us out if we do too much of it.) 

What are your Geniuses? What are the Geniuses on your team? Knowing this, and knowing how to avoid each individuals Working Frustrations is a powerful way to think differently and more effectively about how to build and execute any project at work. 

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              How will the Working GeniusTM            Transform Your Team?

​       Workshop participants will: 

  • Understand why they have been successful or unsuccessful in the past

  • Clarify which types of work gives joy and energy and which types are draining and difficult

  • Avoid making unfair and inaccurate judgements about one another's motivation

  • Alleviate guilt and struggles have about certain types of work

  • Transform meetings into effective meaningful sessions 

  • Make quick concrete adjustments to roles and responsibilities so as to tap into one another's strengths and avoid weaknesses

  • Get more done in less time

  • Improve Hiring 

  • Increase Employee Retention 

6 Types of Working Genius
How It Works
Gears Background Working Genius


Each team member completes a 15-minute online assessment via a link provided by N-Gage Coaching. The assessment identifies each individuals two "working geniuses", two "working competencies", and two "working frustrations."

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A report is emailed to each team member, with a copy to N-Gage Coaching. Each team member receives an individual debrief to test and understand the results. 

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The leader receives an individual and team leadership debrief session as well as an overview of what to expect during the facilitated workshop or retreat. 

Gears Background Working Genius


A "Team Map" showing the strengths and gaps in team effectiveness is generated for presentation during the team session. The team receives a lively and interactive session on how to leverage this profound model for better success individually and as a team. 

Working Genius Book
Working Genius Team Session
What's the best setting for your team? 

Workshops and retreats may be conducted:

  • Virtually

  • Onsite at your organization

  • At a local venue

  • Even unique destinations

Travel and accommodation costs are covered by the client. 

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