• Randy D Mosier

Enneagram Type 1-Stress Management 101

Stress, fear, and anxiety have a way of manifesting in the lives of people and there has perhaps never been a season in our country quite like the year 2020 #epidemic #COVID-19

The realization that each of us face is that we will all face moments of stress, fear and anxiety. What do we do when it becomes overwhelming? I want to explore that topic based on your Enneagram Type. Briefly, Enneagram is a personality profile that is made up of 9 different types. You’re enneagram ,reveals why you think, feel, and behave in particular ways. Knowing your type helps you see what you look like when healthy versus when you are unhealthy. Stress, fear and anxiety can push you into an unhealthy state.

Type 1: Moral Perfectionist [Principled/Purposeful/Self-Controlled/Perfectionist

When Healthy: you are ethical, reliable, productive, wise, idealistic, conscientious, ordered and self disciplined.

When Unhealthy/Under Stress: You become judgmental, inflexible, dogmatic, critical of others, uptight, controlling, anxious and jealous. When in this mindset, you may feel indignant that expectations are not being met by yourself or by others.

So imagine as a moral perfectionist you now under high stress become very critical, angry and judgmental of others. Managing this is critical to your personal, mental and physical health.

As a life-coach I want to help you find coping skills that shift you back towards healthy thinking.

  1. Exercise: Physical activity helps to release negative emotions such as anger, fear or worry and improves ones mood. Reason: The production of endorphins is increased, which are your brains feel-good neurotransmitters. When your mood elevating chemicals in your brain are increased it prepares you to deal with stress in much healthier ways. More energy = increased increased focus and concentration. This can make an impact regardless of your Enneagram Type.

  2. What type of activity? Walking, jogging, running, cycling, aerobic activity. Stress increases catecholamines and exercise burns this up. Leading to a healthier you.

  3. Journaling: Drilling down to how a Type 1 is hardwired; there I a need to “get out of your own head.” Maybe you are not a writer by nature and the idea of sitting down to write out what you are thinking seems crazy. Take a 30 day challenge, seek to write free style; so grammar is not essential. You are spending time releasing the emotional content - garbage in your mind. In fact try to write 750 words; that’s 3 pages. Literally its here that you are downloading negativity to gain perspective and create tangible action steps.

  4. As a Type 1 you tend to turn anger inward, you long to hear people tell you “you are good” and you may have childhood wounds telling you its not ok to make mistakes. To become healthy you have to let go of your negative thought patterns, moving towards the healthy side of a type 7; your wing. Here you are less critical, more accepting, more optimistic and enthusiastic. Here you have more fun and become spontaneous. Can I assure you, learning to laugh is healing. Laughter is good medicine. It really is. Laughter increases you intake of oxygen-rich air and there is an increase of endorphins in your brain and bingo it helps relieve stress.

  5. Support System: Type 1 you need people in your life that will encourage you and call you out when you are moving to an unhealthy state as a Type 1. You need the support because you thrive hearing you are good. You see your goodness is not based on works. Its who you are - in Christ. You need to hear when your advice to others is on point - that fills your tank. You need support so you can discuss your fears, worries or concerns and then they will help you lighten up and laugh. Remember - laughter also releases that negative chemical in your body as well.

Biblically I want to Challenge You: Philippians 4:6-7 Paul tells us to Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by PRAYER and Petition, with thanksgiving present your requests before God.

  1. Trust: we are to lay our cares at Jesus feet and trust he’s got us.

  2. Prayer and Petition: take you needs to him, he is ready for you to be real with him. Be specific not generic. Circle these prayers so you know when he has done a work in you. Generic prayers don’t honor God.

  3. Thanksgiving: Ask what are you teaching me in this season. This shifts our minds from victim to victor. I know who he says I am and will overcome and I am saying God I am trusting you here, even when it does not make sense.

It’s time to gain a new and healthy perspective Type 1. If you need help on your journey let us know. Coaches help move us forward faster.






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