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Enneagram Type 2: Stress Buster

To discover ways to personal health as a Type 2, lets first explore what it means to be a type 2 and then look to tips to address the stress we are enduring in our current season; especially with a pandemic. To be sure all of us have additional stressors, depending on your take of the pandemic you can run from level headed to the extreme in terms of perceptions. I am meeting many clients and people in the general public that are overwhelmed and some experience panic attacks. I am not here to discuss political or medical positions. Rather I am coming to you as a coach to help you explore how you are hard-wired, as this will help you see your core fears, desires, weaknesses, what your heart longs to hear, childhood messages, and a growth path.

Step one, in each of my series on the stress, anxiety, and your Enneagram type, is the sheer acknowledgment that each of us is under a different level of stress. Stress can create real mental, emotional, and even biological consequences for each of us. Higher levels of stress, that are not managed well can lead to real mental health and physical health consequences. So for me, this series is timely.

As a Type 2 you are known as the “Supportive Advisor.” At your best, you are loving, compassionate, nurturing, generous, supportive, hospitable, and tuned into how others feel. When at your worst you become intrusive, martyr-like, indirect, manipulative, passive, needy, flatter, and overly accommodating. Increased stress can move you to this unhealthy side of Type 2. Knowing your core fear, desires and weakness will be essential to your success.

Core Fear: Belief you are unloved or unwanted for being purely yourself.

Core Desiree: To feel loved and wanted for yourself only.

Core Weakness: Pride: Your kryptonite is your inability or unwillingness to acknowledge your own suffering or personal needs.

There is a message you long to hear. You are wanted and loved.

There can likely be a childhood Message stuck inside that says, It's not okay to have your own needs met.

Your growth path is clear: Take care of yourself before caring for others. When you are healthy you are able to be your best for others. Your self worth is born out of who you are at your core.

When you experience stress, you will move towards an unhealthy type 8. Needy, quick to be irritable, aggressive, and dominating. You will begin the blame game, making demands, and becoming controlling of everyone and every situation.

Your growth point is when you move towards the healthy side of Type 4. Here you will become more self-nurturing and compassionate toward yourself. With this mindset you are emotionally aware and willing to admit and accept painful feelings; including anger, sadness, and loneliness.

Type 2’s in your life: Need to hear they are appreciated. They thrive on you taking interest in their problems but will try to shift the focus back on you. Hearing from you they are special, important and what you love them for is freeing to them. When you see areas in their life that need growth; do so in a kind and loving manner as 2’s are super sensitive to criticism. Use this knowledge to help someone grow; do not use this as a weapon to harm them.

Stress Strategies:

Engage your creative side: Tap into self-healing activities like art, crafts, sewing, woodworking, music, vlog, or blog or anything that allows personal relaxation and change of focus. As a 2 creativity is a time to take care of you and engage the creative side of your brain [ right side]. This will be healing, energizing, and increase focus for other technical work. Remember, there is a freeing associated with creativity in many forms that is a way of caring for your needs moving you towards the health side of Type 4. As you find what is self-nurturing you are then capable of being the Supportive Advisor to others in your world.

As you consider these thoughts you might decide having a life coach to help you navigate your personality would be essential to personal growth. We are here to help. www.ngagecs.com

This writer acknowledges Beth McCord of YEC for her vast knowledge in the Enneagram Types; how it is helping me to help others on their journey.


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