• Randy D Mosier

How a small decision can turn your life around

Coaching is one of those unique professions where your entire focus is on another persons life. You develop a professional relationship, enter into their world, listen intently to what a person is saying and not saying. You are watching their body language, changes in their eyes, changes in breathing all the while reflecting key part of their story. You have to get the important stuff drawn out and discussed. Then there is the moment that you sense a need to ask a bold question, one that resonates inside the person. It is in this moment as the light goes off in that other person you sense a holy hush come over your client and they articulate what is going on. As a coach these questions lead to drawing out action steps. Based on this revelation, what changes do you need to make? Then you wait for the client to begin naming steps of change. How committed are you to making this change happen?

One small decision in the midst of a coaching session can create a ripple effect. Ever throw a stone into a lake? A single stone thrown into a lake creates this ripple from the the impact of the stone and that energy flows outward touching everything in its path. In Coaching, small decisions [action steps/short term goals] linked to your long term goals create this ripple effect. The first impact is making the choice to engage in a Coaching relationship. It is here that someone spends time and energy to walk you through life change.

For me as a Coach, it is the moments of life change, that I call Holy moments in life. As a person of faith, I often sense the presence of and work of God opening doors in peoples lives. As a coach I am fully present, connecting with what you indicate are your hopes and dreams. I am working with you to connect the dots. The beauty of the small decision to be in a coaching relationship is understanding we do not have to go it alone. There are people who care and want to help us on our journey when we feel stuck.

What small step do you need to take today? Who will hold you accountable to make this change happen? I would be honored to walk with you on the journey.

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