• Randy D Mosier

Why would I need a Coach?

When I introduce myself to people as a Life Coach, sometimes I get that glazed over look in the eyes. Some people ask what type of therapy does a life coach do? Or there are new age thoughts of someone teaching them meditation or using relaxation techniques.

Coaching does not include any of these disciplines. A Life Coach can be seen as a valuable guide who helps us on our journey. The reality is that "Coaching is a relationship with a purpose, in that its focus is on facilitating change." A Coach does not take the place of a Therapist to help you work through clinical depression or delve deep into your past to work through pain from specific memories. A Coach is not a Mentor "an experienced and trusted advisor" that we are learning under their tutelage to emulate their lives.

So why do I need a Coach? Can they really help me improve my life? Can they help me establish meaningful change in my life? These are valid questions. A Coach by ICF (International Coaching Federation) definition partners with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in todays uncertain and complex environment. So I would ask you, do you believe you are reaching your full potential personally or professionally? If deep inside that question resonates a resounding, no. Then a Coach can help you maximize your potential.

As a life long learner I am a part of CoachNet, further honing my professional skill sets as a Life Coach. We live by the ethical standards set out by ICF. ICF Coaches "improve the lives, relationships and business performance of clients in real and measurable ways." As you answer the question, why I need a life coach. Remember to choose a Coach that adheres to ICF certification standards.

I can tell you that as a Coach I am Fundamentally motivated to Serve Others by offering thought provoking questions, insight, information or emotional support as a Change Agent, bringing positive Development and growth that is tangible & Improving the lives of my clients by bringing out the Potential and Possibilities that Exists inside the person, helping them see their way forward with measurable results. If that resonates in you, I encourage you to reach out to me to start a Coaching relationship.

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