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January is seen by many of us as a season of new opportunities, a casting off of old ideas, habits, and barriers to our success. New Years Eve encapsulates the idea of making change happen as we decide to make a "resolution". By definition a resolution is "firm decision to do or not do something or an action of solving a problem." Many of us have made these only to forget what our resolution was by the end of February. I hear people every year talk about "wanting to lose weight, make a fresh start, start a new career" and the list goes on. Why do we fail so frequently to keep our resolutions? Why do we loose resolve to make these things happen for our lives?

At the root of the problem is that we all have good intentions, but we are not quite sure how to get there or what the barrier is to our personal success. Trapped within us is a key to our success. A coach helps a person discover that key and looks at where they are now, what is causing them to feel stuck, why they may have procrastinated for so long and what action steps it will take to reach their goals. Imagine if your life could actually be different, more productive, more fulfilling and we actually enjoyed what we did to make a living. Is it even possible? Have we really every really paused, explored, and looked for the answers?

Being in a relationship with a Life Coach places you in a position to explore the unknowns, search for deeper answers and imagine a much different life. A recent client of mine has spent several years in counseling, which as a person who has also served in this capacity I can see its value for the client. However, she still felt stuck. Emotionally all that baggage from the past was clinging to her life. You see Coaching is different, we focus on where you are now and how to move forward. We do not spend hours looking at how you got here, but rather what it keeping you from moving forward in the moment. As a Christian, my world view expands to enable clients who cling to a set of beliefs to explore where they are now, how it connects to their faith and how they can move forward. When we feel out of sync, like our efforts are halted and we are not sure how we can get to where we want to go a Life Coach helps us move forward. A real issue in change is where to start. What do I really want in my life? For some, part of the barrier is the hard work that internally we know we will have to do to make change happen. Accountability of a life coach, that is accepting us as we are, working in a non-judgmental stance empowers a client to believe they can change.

How about you do you feel stuck? Has your New Year's Resolution already become a bi-word, an overlooked dream? Can I tell you honestly, we have all been there. Procrastination is a bed partner to many of us. The idea of all the work required to make steps towards a dream, to have the inner fortitude to make change happen feels overwhelming. For me starting my own Life Coaching business has been overwhelming at times, We can develop these self doubts of what can we really do in the life of another person. Yet there is something powerful inside a coaching relationship. What if someone was with you on your journey? A life coach goes with you on the journey. They help you look at whats stopping your success, helps you develop action steps towards your goal and an amazing thing happen; we experience the life change we dreamed of in our lives.

With one of my recent clients she expressed feeling desperate for answers, needing direction, wisdom, getting over a hurdle and just wanting to feel joy. Can a Life Coach accomplish that in your life? Listen to S. B. reference to our 5 sessions and the outcome. If this is what you are looking for in your life; contact us today.

"We all get to a point in our life when we become desperate for answers, I have been here recently. I have been seeing a counselor for 2 years but I was still missing something, then God sent me Randy Mosier in the form of a life coach. This is my first experience with a life coach and frankly I didn’t really know they existed except for movies. I needed direction, focus, a safe place to talk and I needed some Godly wisdom that I searching for but was struggling to find. I only had 5 sessions with Randy but they were intense and impactful, just what I needed. He was so willing to go over and beyond to fit my schedule and to top it off with my busy life we could do this right over the phone! In 5 sessions I can honestly say with all confidence that my life has been changed forever. I received the direction; focus and wisdom that I needed to help me over this hurdle in my life that has plagued me for many, many years. I believe I am in the start of a new me and a more intimate relationship with Jesus after talking with Randy. I would recommend him to anyone that asks me… and to those that don’t!"






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