• Randy D Mosier

The Big Mo

With a fresh sheet of ice blanketing our city, I look out across our back yard to see the ice glistening from the trees and the lawn looks like the back of a porcupine glistening in the light. I have made several trips outside to walk my brother-in-laws dog on this cold February day. I find myself thankful I work from my home and I am not trying to manage a daily commute into the city. There are many frustrations associated with that commute, especially with inclement weather. Yet this frustration pales to the one experienced by the person that feels as if this is another year off to a bad start. Sitting here today in my home office I have this realization that many of the people that made New Years Resolutions in January are finding themselves upset with another year running into a failed commitment to change. In January I focused on the idea of resolutions and why we fail to manage change. The big reason we fail to capitalize on change is getting momentum started. A Life Coach helps us to get moving and changing. What if one's life could be managed differently? What if I could just come to terms with who I am and why I keep falling short of my dreams?

As a person of faith of find myself seeking deeper truths about my life, looking for direction, a clear view of the road ahead. Yet I often find myself walking in a circle when I fail to develop a clear roadmap to what I want to accomplish in the short term that builds on my long term goals. The benefits of a life coach, for me and for you, is that they help you look at your current situation, what's blocking our clear view of where we want to go, create a clear path of steps to get to our goals and strategies that will help us manage lasting change. I have found, as will you, that a life coach helps us gain a fresh perspective of how to get from where we are to where we want to be. A life coach can help with developing a smooth transition through the ups and downs of our current stages of life, they help us reevaluate our life, clearly see our goals, and help us plan out action steps to get us on the right path to success. We can inside this relationship develop a sense of balance, have someone that listens without judgement, helps us focus on what we say are our priorities, develop improved relationships, strengthen our core strengths, aid us in simplifying our lives, decreasing stress and having a greater sense of control over our lives.

What a life coach does is helps your from a professional mindset to lean into your dreams and life calling. They remain present with you on this journey, not to tell you what to do, but rather explore inside yourself the way forward. Your life coach, will help you stay on track, motivated and engaged in accomplishing the goals that are important to you. In fact, having a life coach can speed up the process of attaining goals as they assist us in being more efficient, creating momentum and lasting change. One of my favorite leadership trainers is John Maxwell. In his book the 21 Laws of Irrefutable Leadership he talks about the Big Mo "Momentum". Can I tell you that once you have momentum, which is movement towards change, that its like a magnifying glass; it makes things look bigger than what they are; increased laser sharp focus occurs. The big mo is a critical reason for having a Life Coach. You see getting started is a struggle. It takes time and effort and for many people the starting point is where they get stuck. With a Life Coach working with you getting the big mo going is much easier and powerful things begin to happen. Momentum is a powerful change agent.

You see Momentum according to John Maxwell, "The Law of The Big Mo: Is a Leader’s Best Friend. Maxwell explains with this law that, although a leader may have all the right people, passion and tools in place to realize a vision, unless there is actual movement forward in a real way toward that goal, he/she is ‘dead in the water’ as a leader. “If you can’t get things going, you will not succeed.”

Truths About Momentum “Why is momentum a leader’s best friend? Many times momentum is the only thing that makes the difference between losing and winning. When you have no momentum, even the simplest tasks seem impossible. Small problems look like insurmountable obstacles. Morale becomes low. ” It is just so hard to get going- like sitting on a swing, completely still- and trying to get started. “On the other hand, when you have momentum on your side, the future looks bright, obstacles appear small, and troubles seem inconsequential.” How easy is it to keep swinging once you are already going nice and high?

So yes, a Life Coach will help you catch the winds of the Big Mo in your life. Those thoughts you had coming into January, what you felt you really needed to address this year. Guess what? With a Life Coach, you will gain momentum faster, become more focused, establish action steps that are measurable and achievable and you will see your goals come to fruition. As a leader you need the big mo working in your favor. You will find that momentum will create motivation for those working with you. People will be motivated to perform at a higher level. They will become effective beyond their hopes and expectations. Creating this momentum rests on your leadership. The most effective leaders engage with people that help them grow.

Whether you choose me as a Life Coach to help you on this journey is not as significant as making the decision to pick a highly skilled and ethical coach. As you do consider who should coach you know that you need to pick someone that is adhering to ICF standards. As a life coach I apply the ethical guidelines and standards of the International Coaching Federation to my practice. ICF accreditation and training is critical to the person who coaches and the person who receives the benefits of a skilled Life Coach. For more information on ICF go to their website https://coachfederation.org/.

So remember the law of the Big MO, find a skilled ICF Life Coach and make 2018 a year to remember.






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