• Randy D Mosier

Creating Goal Alignment

Updated: Apr 15

In the crowded landscape of coaching people have different niches that they focus on to better help their clients. After all, even though we are all created in the image of God; we each have our own story in this life. I am amazed each day at the uniqueness of each individual from the way they look to their sense of humor and the unique stories they share. So it should be no surprise that we can easily find ourselves less than content if goal alignment is missing in our lives. Typically, when you speak of goal alignment by definition we are stating the following; "goal alignment or the act of aligning goals in an organizations involves ensuring that both people from top to bottom in an organization, AND, divisions, branches and departments, are working to achieve similar goals." As I approach this subject I am going deeper and looking your personal why in life. What on earth am I here for? Your core values. Your Mission, Vision, Values and Beliefs. When what we believe in; our core values are not in alignment with with I am focused on personally and professionally we have a disconnect that creates stress, anxiety and depression.

My clients come from a variety of professional backgrounds and leadership positions from small to mid-size businesses to local churches of various denominations. My primary focus in goal alignment is helping clients develop strategies for long term change that aligns with their mission, vision, values and beliefs. Development of long term goals that are out of alignment with our "why" leads to a fragmented life that creates unnecessary stress. Our "why" is linked to who we are as related to our core values. My coaching style helps clients attain goal alignment, or a restructuring of what is truly important. This can in some instances lead to career change to attain alignment for greater career satisfaction. My clients get a clear picture of their missing passion that they buried, and upon reconnecting with their "why"; which I see as their created purpose. They discover renewed focus, energy, clarity, and direction. If you are already operating inside your true mission, vision, values and beliefs you may just need assistance with proper goal management to move to the next level personally and professionally.

One of my recent coaching clients experienced what I call an "articulate moment"; this is the moment that your mind connects with a question in the coaching session and triggers personal growth moments. What occurred for; who I will call Susan; is she realized she had abandoned a passion she was wired for in life and she was miserable. Additionally in our coaching sessions she realized she was trying to control the outcome of other peoples reactions. I was able to help her through very specific questions to take a look at a disconnect in her stated goals and her actions. She was not really connected with her core values. As a result of this disconnect she was miserable. She was not living up to her full potential. The outcome was that in five sessions she saw through the disconnect, reconnected with personal passions (core beliefs), realigned her relationships, established and met key goals and finally felt whole again. She stated she felt like she had a new lease on life.

It is very clear to me that operating outside our "why" those core values we hold up as building blocks for our lives causes dissonance. Because of this we are unhappy with our career, our relationships and often with ourselves; because we are not being true to what we hold as our values. Now I fully understand we have to work to eat. We have to pay our bills. We get comfortable in our jobs and their is a level of safety associated with our positions. But suppose, just suppose; Life could be different. That aligning your "why" with your "what" led to greater satisfaction in your daily life. I have to say, I have seen time and again the positive impact this has in our lives. Perhaps, you will stay in that same position but you will learn how to create an alignment with your personal mission, vision, values and beliefs . This will change everything in your life. stress, anxiety and depression take a backseat to the person who has gained control of their lives.

As you sit here today, perhaps reading from your iPhone or Android device. Do you feel like you are managing your life or does it feel more like your life is being managed from the outside. Do you feel like your core values are in alignment with who you really are as a person? Lets unpack that question a little further. The way I am wired, gifted is to help people. I have strong listening and goal management skill sets to help those around me focus on what is really important. I ask questions that guides this process. Coaching connects with my personal life and professional goals. When I am not in a position to help others I feel like my life is out of synch. Something just does not feel right. Why? Because what I say is important in my life; helping people with life change is out of alignment so goal alignment falls short.

Goal setting within this structure leads to greater growth, goal attainment and relationship satisfaction across the board.

At the end of the day, coaching is important. A coach helps a client achieve goals, move past assumptions, explore brave new ideas and uncovers what is inside a person that was there all along. Are you ready for real change? We help people like you, dream big dreams and accomplish lasting change. Life is too short to be stuck. Coaching matters; because you matter. Are you ready to begin the journey?






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