• Randy D Mosier

Paths Less Chosen

As I sit here today I think of paths that are less often chosen, some are crossroads for brave new adventures and others are paths that have been thrust upon us. It is said that not making a choice is in fact a choice. Perhaps you find yourself in a contemplative state in your current life wondering what is the best way forward. For some of us these questions are around our personal lives and with others it is in regards to career moves. Whatever the questions in our minds, there is a need in our lives to make choices that are both meaningful and wise. Wisdom unfolds quite often as we speak to a person who is fully present, thats reflective, self assured, has the capacity to ask tough questions challenging us to dig deeper inside ourselves and pushes us to develop a plan.

Interestingly, in the book of Proverbs 29:18 says where there is no vision (plan, revelation, or guidance); people perish (run wild). I wonder, do you feel like you lack vision, direction and its like you are running wildly or shall we say by the seat of your pants. Clearly, if we want success in relationships, our careers, or our dreams we will never move in a positive direction without assuming risk. Risk means we are willing to open up to someone who is a skilled listener, who has a non-judgmental stance, they ask tough questions that open us up to true possibilities and they challenge us to develop an action plan. The real question then remains, when will we step forward and take risks. Risk that can transform our lives and move us on a new path. When will we be willing to set a plan that makes sense for our lives. When will we make this move or will we sit on the sidelines in indecision and allow not making a choice to dissolve relationships, career and dreams.

So lets be brutally honest, I have been one of those people who have sit on the side lines. I have felt the pain of seeing life spiral out of control. I know the pain of damaged relationships and a career on a path of destruction. I have also been in the position to take risks that have benefited both myself and those that I have supervised. I have known the joy of seeing employees lives moving forward due to being a positive force in their lives. I have known more of the positive in my career largely due to the scale of relationships I have been willing to develop. Honestly, even what one perceives to be a perfect plan may not always work. A careful exploration of those who are in authority over us in the market place is crucial to developing your plan. Relationships at the highest level must have trust and confidence. What do your relationships look like in your career. Never believe you are an island to yourself, relationships equal power.

So as you consider the path less chosen, it is one that requires work, dedication, passion, vision, direction and implementation. It requires someone in our lives that not only anchors us in the rough waters of life they become a wind in our sails to take on life's greatest adventures. If you are ready to set a new course for your life contact us today. Each client I get to help excites me as I have the opportunity to help them as I have helped so many people in my past. As a coach, I love helping people work towards dreams with crystal clear clarity. Critical, thought provoking questions along with teaching people to develop and work a plan of action to achieve their dreams is so exciting. Would you like to see your relationships personally and professioinally flurish? Would you like to see your vision come together with plans that enable you to achieve them? Contact us today and we will help you become the you that you were meant to be.

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