• Randy D Mosier

The Power of Mission

Updated: Apr 15

This past June I had the privilege to go to the Dominican Republic on a medical mission trip. This was a wonderful experience with an organization that is highly organized from travel to outreach throughout the island. Pastor Kurt with Hope International Ministries (http://www.hopeinternationalministries.org/) enabled my wife and I to see first-hand the power of mission. When you have a clear vision or mission, your capacity for success and engagement in your dreams is at a whole other level. I am sure you too have had the opportunity to work with an organization that truly had their act together at such a level you were taken back and you understood why they were so successful. One of the things I enjoy the most is being a part of an organization even in the short term, that is highly organized and passionate about their mission. They have a clear vision and they want to share it with everyone they come into contact with on a daily basis. Guess what, I love hearing people’s dreams, vision and plans. Dreams, vision, plans are critical; however, without implementation they are merely ideas and concepts of what could be.

I wonder as you think about a company you have been a part of, did you have a sense of their passion, a taste of their success and a drive to do better and be better in life? For sure we have all been in organizations that are slow to change. Their implementation is not quick enough to elicit any level of positive change in a fast-moving society. Then there are those companies that move quickly with a plan and have established clear objective on how to get from here to there. All of this requires a higher level of thinking, planning and implementation. Individuals that want to see their lives unfold at a faster rate have to work with someone who can help them decipher the good plan from the great plan and implementation for success. This power to change begins with a mission. I wonder, have you ever developed a personal ‘mission statement’? There is something empowering about having your own mission statement. It has the capacity of centering you as you make choices. The reality is that if you don’t have a goal or mission statement, how will you know where you are going? You see a mission statement enables us to have clear boundaries when making important decisions. I have seen time and time again that setting up boundaries of what I can and cannot accept in my life makes decision making much simpler. When you have a set mission your view is narrowed and more focused because you live life by set. principles.

How is this important in being coached? Not have a clear mission statement prevents the level of clarity necessary for rapid personal growth. How will you create a mission? Ask yourself five important questions.

  1. What is truly important in your life?

  2. Where do I want to go in my life?

  3. What is the “best me” and what does it look like.

  4. How will I act and be perceived by others?

  5. What lasting legacy am I leaving behind for others in my life

As you develop your personal Mission Statement keep these guidelines in mind.

  • Keep it short and to the point.

  • Include important in your implementation of your plan.

  • Share or speak your life mission into existence

  • Know a Mission Statement is living and can and should evolve over time.

If you lack a personal mission statement for your life, start developing this today. No do not wait another day to work on this. Work on this as if your life depends on it; because it does. When you have no mission, you lack guardrails in your life. This means you will suffer way more than is necessary and you will miss out on all the great pleasures of life. Won’t you reach out to me today and develop your personal life mission statement and begin your journey to lasting change.






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