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2019 will be a year of growth and personal enhancement as N-Gage Coaching launches its own YouTube presence on the N-Gage Channel. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCscn1B1X05OgEPs8YAD69IQ?view_as=subscriber) Launch date is scheduled for Friday February 15th. Why a YouTube page?

Like many other Life Coaches opportunities to present your thoughts in a relevant contextual manner is important to help other life coaches and potential customers know more about who we are and what we do. What you might not gather from our front page of the website, is that every area of my life is connected to my faith in Christ. Although, those I coach may not consider themselves as followers of Christ, it is my firm belief that there is always a third person present in the midst of coaching. That person in my life is the Holy Spirit. If you come from a secular world view this sounds like mumbo jumbo or a lot of nonsense. For me however, there is this inner sense of direction present that helps me be more attuned to the person in front of me.

Coaching is about be present in the moment; hearing the heart of a persons struggle, life goals, aspirations, obstacles and leaning into the present ,while helping the person see how they can move forward. A life coach has the unique opportunity of helping a person see there is a way forward ("action steps") and implementing this plan is key to their success. As a life coach I have the pleasure of seeing people move from stuck to successful. It does not happen overnight, but it does move more quickly than the person imagined initially was possible. Unlike counseling that keeps the focus on past relationships for personal healing or growth; a life coach presses into the present with the future in mind. We ask tough questions to shake off the weights that are holding you back from a great future as well as great moments now. We assist clients in taking away tools that accelerate life change. Former clients that I have worked with that came out of a counseling model, were impressed with the intuitive, life change that happened from weekly sessions of just one months time. One particular customer told me, she was amazed and felt I helped her get her life back. They were so tired of a focus on the past and felt this process was much more helpful and focused on helping them move forward. Can I tell you, each and every customer experiences similar accelerated life change.

So why N-Gage Channel on YouTube. As a Life Coach I have many passions. One of my primary passions is helping my clients experience life to the fullest. I am also passionate about Life - Ministry - Technology - Life Coaching. For the last few years I have been encouraged by more than one person to consider putting my thoughts, ideas, passions and ministry teaching on line. I have also more importantly, felt an inner prompting (Holy Spirit) moving me in this direction. So coming into 2019 I began to purchase some basic YouTuber equipments, watching videos on how others create a YouTube channel and have begun to slowly implement these ideas into an online presence.

My hope is that the thoughts we have the opportunity to share on the N-Gage Channel helps people experience greater personal freedom. We are just in our initial stages of this launch and have many video projects ahead of us. Let us know, what would you like to hear from us? What topics would help you experience personal and professional growth. Contact us at randydmosier@gmail or ngagecoaching@gmail.com.






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